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Virtual Visit Pricing
** most major insurances accepted **
Self Pay Rate: about $85.00

*Sick Visit
  • ie - rash, sore throat, sinus/chest congestion, cough
  • ie - medication check, re-establish care/new patient
*Review Lab Results
*Medicare Wellness Visits
*Transition of Care Management Visits
  • ie - post discharge from a hospital stay
*ER and Urgent Care Follow Up Visits
MyChart Knowledge Center
MyChart FAQs

~ MyChart Proxy Access
      ** Proxy access allows parents, legal guardians and caregivers to log into their personal MyChart account and connect to the health information of a patient they represent. Users can communicate with the doctor’s office and enjoy other MyChart benefits, like managing appointments online and reviewing test results. All that’s needed is a completed proxy authorization form accompanied by a government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport or non-driver ID.

~ Patient Guides​
  • Patient Self Scheduling In Office Visit Through MyChart
  • Patient Self Scheduling Virtual Visit

Video/Camera Not Working

Zoom HIPPA Compliance Guide​

Need Help? 
MyChart Assistance: Call 1-800-205-9911 for 24/7 assistance.
Telemedicine Virtual Visits Through MyChart

What is a Virtual Visit?
  • A virtual visit lets you connect with your provider via a secure platform using your phone, tablet, or computer when you need quick, convenient treatment.  Skip the trip to the office and video chat your provider from home, work, or really anywhere.  A face to face visit with your provider is only a few clicks away!

Why Patients Love Virtual Visits:
  • Access to your provider - even when you're out of town
  • No finding a babysitter or carting the kids along when you need care
  • No commute, no waiting room, no time off work
  • Get acute care from your provider in the comfort of you're own home
  • Those frequent 5 minute follow up appointments can be just that
  • Option for self scheduling your visit
Healthcare should be convenient.
Virtual visits make connecting with your provider simple.

Here's how it works:

Option #1 (if you do not have a MyChart account)
1 - Sign up for your MyChart account
  • call the office to request access
  • ask to set up your account at your next in office visit
2 - Call the office and set up a virtual visit
3 - Download the apps
  • MyChart app
  • Zoom app
4 - Log into your MyChart at least 20 minutes before your scheduled visit to do the eCheck-in
  • update/verify your information
  • answer questionnaires
5 - Connect with your provider
6 - Get treatment

Option #2 (if you already have a MyChart login)
1 - Call the office and set up a virtual visit
2 - Download the apps
  • MyChart app
  • Zoom app
3 - Log into your MyChart at least 20 minutes before your scheduled visit to do the eCheck-in
  • update/verify your information
  • answer questionnaires
4 - Connect with your provider
5 - Get treatment
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